General noise advice

Unwanted noise can be a real problem in your home.  Whether you have a problem with noisy neighbours or need to create a quiet space for home working, we offer a variety of soundproofing and acoustic insulation products that are suitable for domestic use.

Our products are designed to perform to the highest standards and are used around the UK to solve acoustic problems in a variety of situations from homes to businesses.

For more information about domestic soundproofing, or need advice about soundproofing and acoustic problems where SRS's high performance products may offer a benefit, please send us an email at or give us a call on 01204 380074.

Environmental noise problems

Environmental noise problems mainly come in the form of noise from traffic and aircraft. The best method of reducing these kinds of noises is to install acoustic secondary glazing within your property and environmental noise barriers externally [...]

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What is soundproofing?

Many acoustics companies make attractive claims about the performance of their products but what is the definition of soundproofing and what makes an effective soundproofing specification. In this article we aim to explain some basic good practice [...]

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